About the business

Where are you based?

We are based in the UK, just south of London. Get more info in the about us section, on our Steampunk Junkies website.

Where do you ship?

We ship to most countries! You can find our shipping rates on the shopping cart page. If you can't find your country on there, please make contact with us and we will do our best to ship to you.

Will I have to pay customs on my orders?

Inside EC (EU): No you will not have to. We will ship to you from the UK, but it will be DDP (delivery duty paid). This means you will have nothing more to pay on top of what you pay today.

Outside the EC: It is down to each country, and how much you buy.

Most countries have a threshold that you are allowed to import before duties are added.

These duties must be paid for by you, and are not covered by our postage rates or included in the price.

Can I reclaim the VAT back?

If you are based in the UK, we can provide you with a UK VAT receipt. For EU cutsomers, we send shipments with the duties paid. If you would prefer us to send as DDU (delivery duties unpaid), we can arrange this but please contact us first. You can also provide us with an EORI number, which will make it easier to claim the VAT back in your country.

For people living outside of the UK and EU, we do not charge VAT on your purchase. This will most likely be charged by your Customs agency. They should probide you with documents which means you can claim this VAT back on your business (if you are VAT registered)

What is your returns policy?

You can find our return policy here

What warranty do I get?

You get a 1 year fair-usage policy.

Do you speak english... deutsch, français, italiano, espagnol ?

vyes, ja, oui, sì, sí

Do you offer multiple item discounts?

We certainly do! Please contact us below to ask about discount rates.

About the products

How long does a charge last?

The amount of time the battery lasts will depend on the brightness level you have. We have used good quality LEDs , which give a great light level and colour, but mean a single charge can last from 16-24 hours per charge!

Anything else we can do for you ?

If you have a question about this product, including discounts for bulk purchases, please complete the form below. We need a valid email address so we can reply to you.